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Introducing the Fury, a one-of-a-kind custom guitar with an offset swipe design that exudes aggression. This unique guitar is unlike any other you've seen before, making it the perfect choice for musicians who want to stand out from the crowd. With its bold design and exceptional sound quality, the Fury is sure to become a favorite among guitar enthusiasts.


Price ranges from 2200 CAD to 2800 CAD. Price fluctuates from complexity of custom requested designs and special requests.


Built with high-quality hardware, as well as Fender tremolo, and tuners.


The guitar is equipped with Carparelli vintage nickel humbuckers that produce a deep and rich sound. The 500k pots are installed along with a 3-way toggle switch for easy control.


Introducing our wooden pickguard that can be engraved with any design for a unique feel and touch.


The hardwood body can be built out of maple, walnut, ash or even oak. Finished with either Tru Oil or Nitro Clear Gloss, have it the way you like it with wood look or with a colour of your choice.


This guitar is built with a hardwood neck and fretboard, featuring matching fret marker inlays. Sanded to a 9.5" radius this guitar is ready to play with ease and rumble.

Fury Design Templates
Right Handed
Left Handed
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